Up to 50% of Alkimee's profit supports necessity causes through our Giving Fund



Contact us if you are interested in joining our brand ambassador program. Please include links to your social media accounts and website, if applicable, in your initial inquiry. If approved, you will be provided with a referral code. You earn a commission when your followers use your code to make a purchase.


  • Commission: Ambassadors earn a sales commission on purchases or rentals of Alkimee products by their audiences and an additional design commission on co-branded products. 
  • Design Collaborations: Alkimee works with select brand ambassadors to create co-branded jewelry, fashion, and audio products. You envision the designs while we handle production and fulfillment. 
  • Social Mission: For every luxury purchase made, you and your followers are funding necessities for those who cannot afford them. Ambassadors can choose the causes that receive up to 50% of profit made on the sales of products co-branded with Alkimee.